Social Impact Assessment

WasmanPro Provides full range of Social Impact Assessment (SIA) services to clients across all over Business sector. SIAs are an important part of the investment phase for many companies in India by ensuring that the business create a positive impact in the community.We typically conduct social impact assessment by our team of social development professionals.
Our Services Includes :

✍Participation in Environmental design of the Planed intervention
✍ Identification of affected and benefited population
✍ Co-ordination with the stakeholder.
✍ Development of an effective public involvement plan to involve all potentially affected public.
✍ Collection of Baseline Socio-economic data to audit the impact of the intervention.
✍ Investigation and Projection of estimated Social Impact.
✍ Recommendation of new (or) changed alternatives.
✍ Development of mitigation Plan.
✍ Development of Coping Strategies for non-mitigable impacts.
✍ Capacity Building and skill development of the community.

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