Impact Assessment Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment

WasmanPro Environmental Solutions LLP undertakes Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Environmental Management plan by providing consultancy services.

Our Team of Experts provides services for obtaining Environmental Clearance which includes:

✔ Site visit for Preliminary survey of the Project

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Social Impact Assessment

WasmanPro Provides full range of Social Impact Assessment (SIA) services to clients across all over Business sector. SIAs are an important part of the investment phase for many companies in India by ensuring that the business create a positive impact.

Our Services Includes :

✔ Participation in Environmental design of the Planed intervention

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Bio-diversity Impact Assessment Study

Biodiversity Impact Assessment achieves to plan a project by integrating the Conservation, Sustainable use and fair and equitable sharing of Biological resources.

Our Services Includes :

✔ Baseline Biodiversity status in project development region
✔ Vegetative mapping

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