Modelling Studies


Air dispersion models are important tools in air quality management that are used to estimate a source or facility’s air quality impact due to its emissions. The results of an air dispersion modelling analysis are often used to assess compliance with ambient air quality standards. WasmanPro provides expertise and services includes:

✔ Emissions Calculation
✔ Ambient Air and Meteorological Monitoring
✔ Air Permit
✔ Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment
✔ Dust and Odour Monitoring and Management Plans
✔ Human Health Risk Assessment


Our Team offers in-depth expertise in all aspects of noise and vibration assessment for major facilities and projects ranging from baseline noise survey to detailed noise modelling assessments. Our services includes:

✔ Ambient and Industrial noise and vibration surveys
✔ Noise monitoring and modelling
✔ Noise impact mitigation assistance
✔ Ambient and Industrial noise and vibration surveys
✔ Study for impact on the Noise & Vibration surrounding the project site
✔ Quantitative health risk assessments for hazardous noise levels

WasmanPro provide practical solutions to ground water resource evaluation,contamination problem by applying data from hydrogeological investigations to describe site-specific and regional groundwater and surface water conditions and hydrogeological characteristics,to provide evaluation of the potential impacts on aquifers and surface water bodies.Our services include:

✔ Water Modelling and Impact analysis
✔Ground and Surface water physical and chemical characterization ✔Contaminant Migration modelling
✔Ground water Budgeting and Catchment study
✔Aquifer Characterisation

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